To break the Premier League record, Harry Kane must leave Tottenham and join City.


To break the Premier League record, Harry Kane must leave Spurs and join City.

COLUMN BY PAUL MERSON: Harry Kane has a chance to break Alan Shearer’s goal-scoring record, but he won’t be able to do so if he stays at Tottenham.

In addition, Rafa Benitez’s Lucas Digne gaffe and Liverpool’s Mo Salah’s risk.

Unless Harry Kane joins Manchester City, VAR will prevent him from breaking Alan Shearer’s Premier League goals record.

When Tottenham lost to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup this week, two penalties were overturned after reviews, and Kane also had a goal disallowed for offside.

But that’s the point of the system: to rule out goals that shouldn’t be allowed.

As he tries to beat Shearer’s record in the league, it’ll cost him more goals.

Spurs were embarrassingly far behind Chelsea over the two legs of the cup.

I truly believed Antonio Conte would win a trophy there at some point.

However, I’m no longer convinced.

He’ll need about five people.

You are only as good as the people around you, and who is setting up chances for Harry Kane at Spurs right now?

That midfield doesn’t average 15 assists per season, and they’d be lucky if they got 15 between them! Kane can’t do it all by himself.

That’s where I believe he becomes irritated.

He’s still lagging behind in getting to the ball.

If he went to City, however, he’d score a ton of goals.

With the support he receives at Tottenham, he won’t be able to match Shearer’s 260 Premier League goals.

With VAR, however, every goal is at risk of being nullified.

Kane is 90 points short of Shearer’s record.

Coming in second or third place is pointless.

It all boils down to Shearer’s track record.

Harry Kane, on the other hand, is not picking up the ball on the halfway line, beating three players, and scoring.

As a result, he requires the assistance of creative individuals.

It’s that simple.

He has now reached the age of 28.

In that Tottenham team for the next five years, how many goals does he have a realistic chance of scoring?

If he can break that record, it will be incredible.

But, unless he’s at City, where they can win 7-0, I believe it’s a tall order.

But, for me, it’s all about the trophies.

You can only have a pony in one bathroom if you have six bathrooms in your career.

Trophies are the focus.

And he isn’t succeeding at Tottenham.

Let’s be honest about it.

They went into the game with a depleted lineup.

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