Tim Henman is positive about the prospects of tennis in Scotland.


TIM HENMAN believes that recent investments in Scottish tennis will help develop the game in this country, and the former British number one admits that he is very impressed with some of the young talent generated in the United Kingdom, especially Scot Aidan McHugh, 19, who recently made the leap to senior level.

“There are a couple of young players I’m excited about – Jack Draper has made great strides, Aidan McHugh is playing well and Anton Matusevich has been playing with Andy this week and is hitting the ball well. So there are some good signs and we need to continue to build on that,” he said.

“So I think there is some promising talent out there. The challenge is always to step up and try to get more juniors at 17, 18 years old to make sure they’re there and keep moving up the rankings, that’s really what you want.”

It was revealed last month that Tennis Scotland had secured £ 12 million from the LTA to upgrade tennis facilities in Scotland and expand the country’s sport.

And Henman is keen to emphasize how confident he is regarding the game’s future.

GBP 12 million is a massive investment, and I think we have to remember how fortunate we are in this country to have the investment we make in the sport. Most of it comes from Wimbledon, so we’re lucky to have that, and he said, “£12 million is a huge investment and I think we have to acknowledge in this country how fortunate we are to have the investment that we do in the sport. Most of it comes from Wimbledon, so we’re lucky to have that, and £12 million can go a very long way,”

The interest in the sport – Wimbledon and definitely Andy – is still vital to build on. There’s always a lot of interest in the game and we’ve seen some strong Scottish players, but it’s about British tennis for me and wherever the potential is, we want to make sure there are opportunities for them.

“Hopefully there will be more good British tennis players to come.”


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