Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin of Strictly Come Dancing pose for photos during their rehearsal break.


Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin of Strictly Come Dancing pose for photos during their rehearsal break.

Duo from Strictly Come Dancing Nikita Kuzmin and Tilly Ramsay put last week’s challenging dance-off behind them as they celebrated the TikTok star’s 20th birthday with a birthday feast. Tilly Ramsay celebrated her 20th birthday in style earlier this week, surrounded by her close friends and family as she entered her twenties.

On Thursday, the blonde beauty and her Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Nikita Kuzmin appeared to be in high spirits as the TV chef shared a sweet photo from her birthday supper out.

Despite a poor week on the dance floor last Saturday, the dancing duo appeared to be in better spirits than ever as they wined and dined in an attempt to forget about last week’s dance-off.

Tilly blew her partner a kiss as she angled her million dollar pout towards his cheek, and the two youngest dancers in the competition shared a pair of photos from the night together as they embraced for a lovely hug.

“It’s back to all smiles this week for our quickstep!!” Tilly captioned the adorable sequence of photos. I’ve been enjoying this dance and am looking forward to seeing it with you all on Saturday.” She looked stunning in the photos, wearing a black glittering gown for the occasion and accessorizing it with a little poppy pin to show her appreciation for the forthcoming day of memory.

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter wore her long golden locks in a sleek centre parting to perfectly frame her face, wearing minimal makeup and wearing her long golden curls in a sleek centre parting to accentuate her natural beauty.

Nikita wore a black button-up shirt with rolled-up sleeves to match his dancing partner’s outfit. He also wore a black button-up shirt that he let open halfway to show off his outstanding muscles.

The disclosure comes after The Sun reported that the TikTok star may be a millionaire like her father in a couple of years, according to an inside source.

According to sources, the influencer might earn a cool million dollars from brand endorsement and collaboration deals in the years after her performance on Strictly Come Dancing.

The insider told the publication that Tilly’s popularity has skyrocketed since she first spun into the ballroom, and that if she plays her cards well, she may “bank a million” in the coming years.

“She’s gotten a lot of proposals for sponsorships and brand partnerships since corporations can see how appealing she is,” they claimed. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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