Through a harsh Snapchat snap, Lad discovers that his date is looking for an excuse to leave him.


Through a harsh Snapchat snap, Lad discovers that his date is looking for an excuse to leave him.

Unfortunately for a young man, his date with a woman was doomed to fail after she sent out a scathing Snapchat message requesting that people find her an excuse to skip the meeting.

Meeting someone new might be intimidating, especially on a first date.

For some, countless thoughts about what to wear and say may come before the event.

One lad, on the other hand, had a bad experience with his possible mate before even meeting her.

The lad was sent a text message by his friend to inform him of some bad news, according to a screenshot of a text message shared to Reddit.

“Ayo ain’t u going on a date with that chick from algebra tomorrow?” his friend said.

“Yeah why,” the chap replied, oblivious to what their pal was saying.

They did not bring any positive news to the lads, unfortunately.

“Bro..look what she placed on her private snap,” the mate said in a message.

He also sent a screenshot of the woman’s Snapchat story, which contained a selfie, which was horrifying.

“SOS,” it said. Will someone prepare a fictitious birthday meal for me tomorrow night so I don’t have to go on a date? thx.” Ouch.

Before the post was shared on Reddit, an emoji was used to conceal the woman’s identify.

People felt bad for the guy, with many speculating that he’d escaped with his life.

“The dude giving the pic to his pal is a g, you should have buddies like that,” one user said.

“Why go through all that trouble?” someone other added. If you’re not interested, please just say no.” “What kind of mental gymnastics goes into accepting a date and then making up a reason to cancel?” “If I were the guy, I would just show her the photo when she comes up with the reason and explain that I wouldn’t want to go out with someone like her,” a third individual advised. “As well as obstruct.” “I truly loathe this kind of people,” someone other stated, shocked by the woman’s behavior. Why would you give a man hope and then try to come up with a lame excuse to call off the date? Simply refuse and put a stop to it without suffering!” At the very least, he found out before the date!


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