‘They acted like beasts,’ says MMA coach, adding that the criminals who brutally assaulted a guy in a Moscow subway attack will ‘learn both good and evil in prison.’


A trio of thugs have been charged with attempted murder and threatening police officers following the alleged harrowing incident in Moscow last week, when Roman Kovalev stood up for a woman during an altercation, copping a broken nose and bone under his eye and a cut eyebrow in the violent incident.

The press secretary of Russian president Vladimir Putin called the perpetrators “scum”, and the mayor of the capital, Sergey Sobyanin, visited Kovalev and pledged financial support for him following an attack by the group identified as Dagestanis.

Ramazan Ismailov, the coach and brother of middleweight veteran Magomed Ismailov, is quoted to have insisted that the men would not have been allowed to carry out their attack in 95% of cases in Dagestan, adding that their target had acted heroically.

Warning: video contains blood

В московском метро трое приезжих из Дагестана жестоко избили 25-летнего Романа Ковалёва, который сделал дагестанцам замечание, когда те начали материться и задирать пассажиров. Все трое задержаны, ранее они уже были судимы за кражи и побои. Видео 18+ pic.twitter.com/NaLQFIBNnf

“They acted like beasts, no matter what nation [they are from],” the sidekick of the 35-year-old fighter said.

“I thought they were in some kind of drug intoxication, [or]it [would have]turned out they were drunk.

“If, having reached that age, they did not understand what is good and bad, then they will learn this in prison.”

Как задерживали дагестанцев, избивших парня в метро. По словам очевидцев, эти мрази стали издеваться над пассажирами, сгоняли их с мест, пристали к девушке, у которой были брекеты на зубах. Роман Ковалёв вступился за нее и был зверски избит подонками. pic.twitter.com/t3a4LyGZmf

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Dmitry Peskov, of the Kremlin, did not hold back when he discussed the troubling episode. “We would not talk about inter-ethnic tensions,” the representative told RIA.

“We are talking about scum, about hooligans – no matter what nationality they are.

“It is very gratifying that they were quickly detained, that all the necessary procedural actions in relation to them – the investigation and so on – will now be carried out.”

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Проведал в больнице Романа, пострадавшего в результате нападения отморозков в метро. Поблагодарил за то, что вступился за девушку. Роману явно уже лучше. Врачи будут делать. Brinkwire Summary News. For more information, search on the internet.


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