There are no separate poles, North and South,


Your argument that “at least north is still north” (Terrawatch, January 6) sounds as comforting as it is misleading.

I have always taught my students the appeal of opposite poles. A free magnet’s north pole would point north. Therefore, the earth’s north pole would be the south pole. Historically, north was sometimes north, but it is south at present. Strangely enough, my students found my methods of teaching frustrating.

Matt Atkinson CEO, Lighthouse Learning Multi-Academy Trust, Southampton- On December 14, I gave a mouth and nose swab as a participant in the Oxford University/ONS Covid-19 infection report. I got a letter dated 4 January on January 6, telling me three weeks later that I had no “current” infection. Graeme Innes-JohnstoneElland, West Yorkshire- I put two bunches of daffodils and tulips in my shopping basket yesterday instead of holding up artificial decorations (Light Brigade: the Christmas holdouts keeping up their decorations, Jan. 6), for optimism and cheerfulness to come.

Monika Butler Skipton, North Yorkshire- Shouldn’t the Manchester City goal of John Stones against Manchester United, which was deflected by his “inner thigh” have been ruled “offside” (report, Jan. 6)? Steve Tompkins Stanton in Peak, Derbyshire- I propose Bridgey McBridgeface, which is sure to meet with common acceptance, to end correspondence regarding the naming of the Severn Bridge (letters, January 4). Gatley, Greater Manchester John Stockting


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