The ‘World’s Hottest Gran’ reveals the secrets to her ageless booty.


The ‘World’s Hottest Gran’ reveals the secrets to her ageless booty.

Gina Stewart, dubbed “the world’s hottest granny,” has revealed the secrets of her age-defying booty. She revealed how she keeps her youthful rear on her Instagram feed. Gina Stewart, dubbed the “world’s hottest gran” online, has revealed the secrets to her age-defying booty.

The 51-year-old from Queensland, Australia’s north-east, took to Instagram to reveal how she keeps her young figure.

Gina Stewart, who has 312,000 Instagram followers, just announced that in her spare time, she has started a health Instagram profile, @ginastewarthealth, where she will offer all of her health, beauty, and fitness advice.

She also stated that her ‘booty building workout’ is one they will not want to miss.

Gina’s caption was accompanied by photographs of her smooth and pert behind, which she posed in only a white crop top.

She also posed without a bra, exposing her sideboob in the thin top.

Gina’s flawless and luminous makeup, which included fluttery eyelashes and a pink lip, complemented her flesh-flashing performance.

Her blond curls, however, were let loose and streaming down her back.

Visitors to Gina’s health page can see the complete specifics of her booty workout, which she posted with additional gorgeous pictures of herself.

She expressed herself as follows: “The gluteal muscles, which make up your buttocks, are some of your body’s largest and most strong muscles.

“However, prolonged periods of sitting and inactivity can induce muscular atrophy, resulting in a saggy-butt look.

“Strengthening muscles and combating muscular atrophy are two benefits of regular exercise.”

Gina highlighted the workouts she does to keep her buttocks in tip-top shape, including deadlifts, swimmers, lateral lunges, and dumbbell step-ups.

According to the comments, people seemed to enjoy her advice.

“It certainly worked for Gina,” one fan screamed, “although I can’t believe you didn’t have a stunning figure and unbelievable looks to begin with.”

Another exclaimed: “How can you maintain such a beautiful appearance on a daily basis? I can’t say anything when I look at you.” “I love your gluteus Maximus,” said a third witty fan. Gina impressed admirers last week when she wore a thong to show off her age-defying rear.

We’ve figured out how she does it!


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