The words of Charles Leclerc underline how Max Verstappen’s choice will affect his driving style.


The words of Charles Leclerc underline how Max Verstappen’s choice will affect his driving style.

Following Max Verstappen’s questionable driving at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc has spoken out.

Following the FIA’s decision that Max Verstappen’s controversial driving at the Brazilian Grand Prix was acceptable, Charles Leclerc believes he will have to “adjust his racing style.”

Last week’s race saw title rivals Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battle it out over the Sao Paulo course, with the Englishman seeming to be reared off by the 24-year-old.

On lap 48, with the seven-time world champion in second, Hamilton attempted to overtake his championship challenger on the outside for the lead, but was driven off the track as Verstappen attempted to defend his position.

Mercedes were enraged by the Red Bull driver’s actions, prompting a steward’s inquiry as the race continued, with the 24-year-old facing a five-second penalty.

The assessment, however, gave unconvincing evidence to the race stewards, and Verstappen was permitted to race without penalty, surprising many in the racing world.

Despite the fact that the decision did not go his way, Hamilton was able to finally move past his opponent in the final stages, capping off a spectacular victory in South America.

Despite winning the race, Mercedes was dissatisfied with Verstappen and launched an appeal against him, who, if proven guilty, would face a penalty at this week’s race in Qatar.

Following the incident, Ferrari driver Leclerc told reporters that if Red Bull’s methods were legal, he would have to reconsider his own driving style.

“If this is allowed, overtaking around the outside will be extremely tough,” he remarked.

“But, whatever the situation, whatever the option, I’ll just adjust my driving to fit it, so I’m comfortable with both.”

He also claimed that adjusting his driving style in response to a steward’s decision isn’t new to him, since he did so after the Austrian Grand Prix in 2019.

“You always have to adapt to every situation, every choice the stewards make,” Leclerc said.

I went to Silverstone and modified my driving as soon as I found out it wasn’t a penalty for Max in Austria [in 2019].

“I believe that is a bit the same for all drivers.” “Brinkwire Summary News”: “We will always aim to race at the limits of what we are.”


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