The US Open match between Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas has been praised for ‘heating things up’ in tennis.


The US Open match between Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas has been praised for ‘heating things up’ in tennis.

When Stefanos Tsitsipas took a long toilet break during their US Open first-round match, Andy Murray accused him of “cheating.”

Last year’s champion, Dominic Thiem, called Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas’ US Open rivalry “fantastic for tennis.” The Austrian will not be able to defend his championship this year due to a wrist injury, but he has been assisting with Tennis Channel’s coverage of the Grand Slam. Murray said that the third seed’s lengthy toilet break during their round one encounter “affected the outcome” of the match, and has now taken to Twitter to criticize the Greek.

After the world No 3 departed the court at the end of the fourth set and took an eight-minute toilet break, Murray accused Tsitsipas of “cheating” during their blockbuster opening round on Monday, August 30.

When the Greek returned in the final set, Murray was visibly enraged, and when the two shook hands at the net after Tsitsipas completed a comeback victory, Murray shook his head and termed the restroom break incident a “f****** joke” as he returned to his bench.

The next day, the current world No. 112 took to Twitter to take another shot at his opponent, writing: “Fact of the day. Stefanos Tsitipas takes twice as long to go to the bathroom as Jeff Bazos does to fly into space. Interesting.”

While Murray has been chastised for his response to the Greek’s lengthy break, the defending US Open champion has defended the former world No. 1 and stated that the issue is good for tennis.

“First and foremost, it was a dreadful match,” Thiem remarked.

“Excellent for tennis. It’s also pleasant that things get a little hotter now and then.”

While Murray believed the mid-match rests were necessary in New York, a viewpoint echoed by Reilly Opelka, last year’s Flushing Meadows champion agreed that a time limit was required.

“However, I saw the most of the match and completely understand Andy,” he concluded. But, in my opinion, you should go out in a five setter at least twice because you only need to change your pants, especially in New York’s weather.

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