The steadfast Stephen Curry smashed the Blazers, scoring a career-best 62 points


Portland Trail Blazers 122-137 Golden State WarriorsAfter injury-plagued 2019-20 season, two-time MVP explodes

In a nearly empty arena, Stephen Curry twirled an arm in the air to remember a small cheering section of family members, then happily disappeared down the tunnel to celebrate his career’s best scoring night. Curry let it fly from far out under pressure with a minute left for another perfect swish en route to a career-high 62 points, and the Golden State Warriors beat Portland 137-122 on Sund “I love this one.

“Curry said, “I love everything about this game, the rivalry and the flames. “I never run away from it. I’m just excited to be in this atmosphere where I can play at the highest level and do what I do. “At the start of his 12th season in the NBA, Curry delivered the highest-scoring game, finishing 18 of 31 from the field and eight of 16 from the three-point line with 21 points after starting the first quarter. “To help the Warriors take a 66-54 at the break, he had his 10th career 30-point half, then doubled his total exactly with his teammates telling him his count at every opportunity. Parents, Dolphins and Mavs (oh my!): our bold sports predictions for 2021Read more “He made every shot in 10 seconds and we couldn’t even keep up,” said rookie James Wiseman. A tiny blemish on his brilliant night: Curry h h The strip is dated March 2019. “And he just choked, then.

It’s just amazing, joked coach Steve Kerr, who jokingly gave the game ball to Wiseman before giving it to the worthy winner. Curry made a career-high 18 of his most attempts to date with 19. Against Portland. Even the 6-foot-9 Curry took on the seven-foot Jusuf Nurkic. “That kind of night has been a long time coming after a broken left hand limited Curry to five games in the coronavirus-shortened 2019-20 season,” he said. “When you have something to be excited about, you kind of feed off your own energy,” said Curry, who says the “greats” are learning to block out the critics and welcome expectations. As, in the final seconds, he eventually sat down and was embraced by his teammates, the noise of the crowd seemed extremely noisy in a stadium with no real fans. “It’s just a privilege to coach him, it really is,” Kerr said.


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