The promotion of George Russell to Mercedes would ‘heat up’ the fights with Lewis Hamilton.


The promotion of George Russell to Mercedes would ‘heat up’ the fights with Lewis Hamilton.

If Nico Rosberg is chosen to replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes in 2022, he expects a fight between Hamilton and Russell.

If George Russell is chosen to race alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2022, Mercedes managers will have their work cut out for them, according to one of the team’s past drivers. The relationship between the two, according to Nico Rosberg, will be very different from that of Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas during the last five years.

Bottas has been an excellent partner for the seven-time world champions, gaining points on a regular basis while also understanding that his role is to be Hamilton’s sidekick rather than the main guy.

That’s why Hamilton has been so open in recent weeks and months about how much he admires the Finn and how he wants their cooperation to continue, but it doesn’t appear that will happen.

Toto Wolff is anticipated to give Russell the green light, with confirmation coming today that Kimi Raikkonen has declared his retirement, allowing Bottas to secure a driving with Alfa Romeo.

When pressed for an update on the situation during his pre-Dutch Grand Prix press conference on Thursday, the Finn remained tight-lipped, but hinted at a possible new challenge.

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t!” he said. I’m not going to say much else. Things, on the other hand, are moving in the correct way. And I’m overjoyed and ecstatic.”

He went on to clarify that no fresh information on the matter would be released this weekend, enabling everyone to concentrate on the race in Zandvoort.

Rosberg has warned Silver Arrows bosses to expect pyrotechnics if Russell joins Mercedes for 2022 as expected.

“If they do pick George, the internal debate at Mercedes would be different, and potentially more heated,” he told

“It’s impossible to foresee how he’d act in such a situation if he were to drive alongside Lewis one day.

“It’s completely insane, you’re in a race-winning vehicle every weekend, you’re battling against the best of all-time, who has been there for like the last eight years.

“This is a dire scenario. So it really depends on who you’d deal with as a colleague from one driver to the next.”

Russell is a driven young man who has been predicted as a future Formula One world champion, and he may be in.


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