The pornstar puked on set after eating four packs of McDonald’s fries and then finished the scene.


The porn star puked on set after devouring four packs of McDonald’s fries before finishing the scene.

Aaliyah Love won an award for her portrayal of Jennifer Lawrence in a porn parody film, and she recently revealed that an unfortunate incident occurred behind the scenes after she over-indulged on set.

According to a porn star, she once puked on set after overindulging before a scene in which she ate four large servings of french fries.

Aaliyah Love is based in Los Angeles and has worked with major production companies as well as launching an OnlyFans account recently.

The adult actress has won awards for her work throughout her successful career, but she recently revealed that one of her films was not as smooth as it seemed.

Aaliyah shocked porn director Holly Randall on her ‘Unfiltered’ podcast when she revealed that she had once completed a scene despite throwing up on set.

Aaliyah recalled a time when one of the shoot’s agents brought McDonald’s to the set for the women who were performing.

When the majority of the models refused to eat the fast food, Aaliyah decided not to waste it and ate it all.

“I ate four servings of McDonald’s fries, then Tommy [Pistol] and I went to do our scene, and it was 4 a.m.,” she explained.

Aailyah then recalled how the two were having sex on a couch when she became aware of an unpleasant sensation building up in her body.

“I look up at him, and he just moves his head to the side, and I just turned around and said, ‘bleurgh,’ and puked up all the fries behind the couch,” she explained.

Fortunately, Aaliyah remembered that the camera had missed the moment because it was zoomed in on Aaliyah’s partner, who was focusing on other parts of her body at the time.

“I turn my head around, and he immediately goes to kiss me… and we just kept going with the scene, no cuts,” she continued.

“Everyone in the room exclaimed, ‘What?’ after that.”

“Because it was such a big production, there were only about six people in the room and no one noticed.”

“Wait, they didn’t hear you puke?” Holly was surprised to learn.

Aaliyah replied, “I was very quiet about it.”

“The show must go on,” says the narrator.

We were just so smooth about it that we staged an entire scene… and it wasn’t a small gag; it was four large servings of french fries.”

As part of, the scene had been filmed.

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