The owner caught a man on CCTV having sex with a small horse three times in one night.


The owner caught a man on CCTV having sex with a small horse three times in one night.

A man was caught on CCTV having sex with a little horse three times in one night, according to the owner.

WARNING: THE CONTENT MAY BE OFFENSIVE: The barn owner became suspicious after noticing bungee cords and ropes around the horse’s neck and detained Santiago Victoria, 57, of Fellsmere, Florida.

Investigators say a 57-year-old man admitted slipping into a barn and having sex with a little horse named Mariah on a regular basis.

The barn owner got suspicious after spotting bungee cords and ropes around the animal’s neck “despite the fact that she never placed any on it,” and Santiago Victoria, 57, of Fellsmere, Florida, was captured.

Catherine Engel installed CCTV in the stables and was astonished to witness a man trespass and “get behind the horse in a sexual manner,” according to an arrest statement revealing the graphic details of the alleged crime.

Victoria was photographed with his penis in his hand, standing close to the horse, on September 18th. He allegedly returned to the stable three times in the next two hours to engage in sexual acts with the horse.

The second time he allegedly entered the barn, 42 minutes after the first, he was shirtless. He walked past three horses before returning to Mariah’s stall, according to the affidavit.

According to the story, he was afterwards observed “standing behind Mariah for nearly 30 minutes while holding both hands on her hips.”

According to the affidavit, he was seen entering the barn again over an hour later, early on September 19th. He then ignores the other horses once more and heads right for Mariah, according to the story.

He is seen standing behind the horse and “rocking his body back and forth” before roaming around the stable for a bit before returning to Mariah, according to the complaint.

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He is then said to have “grabbed his penis and placed it inside the horse’s private area” while standing behind Mariah “absolutely naked and with his pants completely down to his knees.”

According to The Smoking Gun, the police were called ten days later, and on October 5th, Engel identified Victoria as the suspect, telling detectives that he worked for a welding company that parked cars nearby.

According to authorities, when Victoria was interviewed three days later, he admitted to the claims but couldn’t recollect how many times he had intercourse with the animal.

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