The only person on an 8-hour flight is the plane passenger, who is lavishly treated by the cabin crew.


The only person on an 8-hour flight is the plane passenger, who is spoiled rotten by the cabin crew.

Kai Forsyth, of Derby, says he had the “weirdest experience” as the only passenger on a British Airways flight from London to Orlando, and it came with a lot of perks.

A student was taken aback when he discovered he was the only passenger on an eight-hour British Airways flight from London to Orlando – and he had a great time.

Kai Forsyth, a Derby native who attends college in the United States, was flying back to the United States when he had “the strangest experience” of flying in a plane with no passengers other than himself and the crew.

On Monday (January 10), while filming for his @kaiforsyth TikTok, he pans around to show aisle after aisle of empty seats, explaining, “The cabin crew said I was the only person onboard the flight.”

He then decides to fold down the armrests and make a makeshift bed out of the four empty seats.

“I made a bed because it was going to be eight hours.”

He writes on the screen, “This is literally the most comfortable plane seat I’ve ever sat in.”

Kai also explains how, because there was no one else to feed, he was given a wholesale box of Walkers shortbread biscuits.

He writes, “They literally gave me all the snacks and unlimited food,” making his viewers’ mouths water with envy.

He claimed that the only drawback to his otherwise enjoyable trip was his inability to be upgraded to Business or First Class.

People said Kai was very lucky after watching the video, though one admitted it was a little scary and said, “Nah, I’d be too paranoid the entire journey.”

“I remember the flight home from JFK to Gatwick, about 10 people in the entire economy,” a second viewer recalled.

“That was the most enjoyable flight.”

“Omg that was me when Covid first came out and there were no restrictions,” someone else said.

“The last time it happened to me, it was the roughest flight ever, and I landed on the second attempt,” another user explained.

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