The model dazzles in a revealing illusion jumpsuit, but some criticize the risque look as “awful.”


Model dazzles in revealing illusion jumpsuit, but some criticize her raunchy style as “awful.”

Fashion Nova, an online fashion store, recently posted a see-through mesh jumpsuit that has customers debating whether it is actually a Halloween costume.

Black Friday is just a few days away, which means it’s time to stock up on the perfect party season ensemble at a discount.

Fashion Nova, a fast fashion retailer, has started its sales early.

One of their discounted clothing items, however, has sparked some debate.

Fashion Nova shared a video of model Helena Hara wearing a see-through jumpsuit that didn’t leave much to the imagination in a recent Instagram post.

The model poses in a one-piece made of nude toned mesh and a little black fabric that just about covers her boobs.

It gives the impression that she isn’t wearing much.

The black fabric pattern creates panels around the model’s waist, emphasizing her slim figure.

The “Gravitate Mesh Jumpsuit” has been reduced from (dollar)54.99 (£41.00) to (dollar)26.99 (£20.00) in preparation for Friday’s Black Friday deals.

Many people were stunned by the sultry suit and rushed to the comments section to praise the design and express their desire to purchase it.

“It doesn’t matter where I’m going to wear that,” one person said, “the point is that I want it.”

“This one is for the win,” another user added.

“WOW!! Wish I could ROCK THAT!!! She looks AMAZING in it!” said a third person.

Some people, on the other hand, thought the jumpsuit was a little too much.

“Is this a figure skating costume?” sneered one commenter.

“It’s a freaking N O P E for me,” said another participant.

It appears to have been shoddy constructed.”

“This is terrible,” said this person.

“It resembles a costume for Halloween.”

What do you think of the mesh jumpsuit? Tell us in the comments!

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