The mighty Bryson DeChambeau wants to go the distance and Master Augusta wants to go the distance again.


After all, if the narrow fairways and thick rough were not enough to stop DeChambeau from overcoming the winged foot and winning his first major title, what would Augusta National do with his huge swing, where the rough hardly deserves the name?
It is a concern heightened by the announcement of DeChambeau that he would spend the weeks leading up to the Masters testing a 48-inch driver, the longest allowed, and he didn’t even use that club when he recently reported an excellent drive that flew 403.1 yards through the air. In his training for the Masters, Bryson DeChambeau doesn’t do anything by half. (: @B Dechambeau) Golf Digest (@GolfDigest) October 23, 2020That was done with the wind and such impressive distances would not be easy to produce repeatedly – combined with precision – but Augusta’s third par-four green will be within reach at 350 yards, and DeChambeau will only have two approach shots over 150 yards per round. But while one thing is hitting the greens, putting is quite another, and DeChambeau will have to do without the extensive green-reading books on which he – and his competitors – have depended so heavily. In 2018, Golf’s governing bodies proposed to severely restrict the amount of data available in such books before eventually deciding to limit only their reach and scale, but they are clearly not permitted at Augusta National. Instead, yardage books that only show the position and path of major slopes on the greens will be issued to all Masters participants – a policy clearly proposed last year by three-time champion and honorary starter Gary Player. Gary Player claims that green books should not be permitted to read (Jane Barlow/PA) “Bobby Locke was the best putter that ever lived, and Tiger Woods was the best putter and so on. I never saw him pick up a book to read the damn green,” “You have to look at a book to read the green? Well, you can sell beans if you can’t read a green. Even with the books available to him to read the green, DeChambeau ranks 57th in strokes won this season while putting on the PGA Tour and 131st in overall putting, but in only two events. His best finish in three Masters appearances remains a tie for 21st while he was an amateur in 2016. Las Las Las


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