The long and big shadow of Toni Polster’s lush mantle


KLOPPELGÄNGERFiver readers of a certain age will recall the Toni Polster legend well. The Austrian striker was the proud owner of one of the most stunning bobbed mullet hairstyles in world soccer in the mid-1990s, with a sharp eye for target and the indulgent look of an American high school yearbook from the 1980s. “In the 1990 and 1998 World Cups, he was the Austrian national team captain, scored 44 goals in 95 games for “Das Team” and played a major role in ensuring that his compatriot and fellow striker Ralph Hasenhüttl only made eight appearances for his country: SpVgg Unterhaching, VfR Aalen and FC Ingolstadt 04.

It followed a two-year stint at RB Leipzig’s promoted Bundesliga side, but it was only after his departure that Hasenhüttl really made a name for himself. The man who had spent most of his soccer career playing second fiddle to a much larger tag, launched by Southampton as a left-sided coach, had finally arrived… “the Alpine Jürgen Klopp.”Alpine Klopp”Alpine Klopp” As Premier League champions, Liverpool move south, but in their last two games they have struggled to defeat such weak sides as Newcastle and West Brom and are in abysmal shape by their standards. Klopp’s side will welcome the chance to put an end to the moaning of those who keep wrongly believing that Manchester United are “joint top” of the league by closing a three-point gap against the hosts, whose form has been equally indifferent since their coach was mooted as a possible successor to Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. Having missed the last game of his team after being forced to isolate himself, Hasenhüttl will now return to his field of technique. There, under his official club baseball cap, he will stand next to the guy he has long been compared to and attempt to demonstrate how different he is while gesticulating furiously, shouting orders and sometimes swearing in German. “LIVE ON THE BIG WEBSITETune to Simon Burnton’s red-hot Southampton 0-1 Liverpool MBM coverage from 20:00 GMT. QUOTE OF THE DAY “I spent time with families and it was evident that they were as dependent on food vouchers [for school meals]as they were on food banks.

It was not one or the other. In order to survive, they needed both.

I was conscious of what that terror felt like.

I understood what my mother’s anxiety felt like.

Marcus Rashford, the Guardian Footballer of the Year, on the interactions that motivated his extraordinary campaign. REALITY CHECK OF THE DAY 14. I didn’t want that for any child or parent. “May 2016: “We have this big problem of making our own players in this country… that’s probably why we can vote out of the EU! If we can vote out, we don’t have to take the Uefa rule, because that’s garbage” — Sam Allardyce, then Sunderland manager. 4 January 2021: “I’ve already identified three players who should come here and they’re not allowed.

That’s a disgrace.

It’s not so much the pandemic, because of Brexit, it’s the shift in rules. Allardyce is struggling to find West Brom international imports. RECOMMENDED LISTENING The new edition of Football Weekly has just been released, featuring Max and Barry, along with your Ronays, your Murrays, your Brewins. Brilliant De Bruyne and Docherty remembered Football Weekly

“But with everything that has happened, I just wish for a normal one” —Peter Oh. Despite all the events in the world over the past year, the most incredible thing I’ve read is, ‘I’m an Arsenal fan.’

I’ve been living in New York for 25 years and I only have my season ticket.’ Poor man. For people like that, there has to be some kind of support’ – Noble Francis. “If they play the way we do, no team can be good.

At the moment, I’m ashamed to help Spurs. Even though the tactics of Mourinho lead to a tro tro tro


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