The Hermes driver places a £100’signed for’ package in the bin, and then the bin men arrive.


The Hermes driver places a £100’signed for’ package in the bin, and then the bin men arrive.

Gary Prebble, a saloon car racing champion, says it was “soul destroying” to watch his expensive package being taken away by the bin men, and he has slammed Hermes for poor delivery service.

Surprising CCTV footage shows a Hermes delivery driver stuffing a “signed for” package into a bin, only to have it emptied by bin men.

Gary Prebble needed critical spares for his Honda Civic EG racing car, and he paid extra to ensure they arrived safely in Worcestershire.

The components, worth around £100, were shipped at the end of December by mechanic Martin Hadland, but they arrived on Bank Holiday Monday, when Gary’s company Reyland Motorsport was closed for the day.

Rather than leaving a card to arrange redelivery, the sly driver can be seen on Gary’s surveillance cameras stuffing the package – which should have been signed for – into a massive wheelie bin.

Gary later discovered that the driver had signed for the delivery himself with an indistinct “squiggle” when he checked for proof of delivery.

The driver took a picture as proof of “delivery,” then got into his car and drove away.

The worst part, however, is yet to come.

The next morning, when a blue Fortress Recycling truck arrived to collect the trash, Gary’s CCTV camera captured the moment.

A blue Fortress Recycling truck is seen driving into the loading area the next day and emptying the bin into it.

Martin, a specialist in high-performance braking systems, did not arrive at his workshop until the following day.

When Gary, a champion racer with BARC Classic Touring Car Racing Club, called to follow up on the car component delivery, they realized something had gone horribly wrong.

He checked his surveillance footage and discovered the worst.

“Watching that video was just soul destroying,” he said to the Sun.

“It was only worth about £100, but it was necessary to measure the £5,000 new part.”

Gary must now order a new component, and Martin must begin the job from the beginning, putting Gary in jeopardy of missing the start of the new season.

“I had to order a new part and am hoping it arrives in time to be installed before the season begins,” he explained.

“Hopefully it will arrive, but it is extremely inconvenient.”

Gary brought it up with Hermes, but he doesn’t elaborate.

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