The funniest and finest moments of Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 career, with the former world champion about to retire.


The funniest and finest moments of Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 career, with the former world champion about to retire.

Since his start with Sauber in 2001, Raikkonen has had a long and successful career, including winning the world championship with Ferrari in 2007 and captivating fans with his bizarre and fantastic one-liners.

Kimi Raikkonen will retire from Formula One at the end of the current season, capping a long and successful career spanning two decades. The Iceman stunned everyone with his speed on the track, but he’ll be remembered just as much for his razor-sharp wit off it.

The Finn has long been one of the sport’s most colorful characters, never hesitant to express himself or crack a joke, and is well-known for his disdain of media interviews.

His direct and often monotonous speaking style, as well as his predilection for strange antics, have resulted in some humorous quips over the years.

One such instance occurred during the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, when he walked onto his boat and into his hot tub while still wearing his race suit after being forced to retire due to a mechanical issue.

You’d be excused for thinking his experience and stature in the sport gave him the audacity to attempt the trick during his sixth season in F1.

But, in reality, he’s always been very laid-back. He was discovered asleep by a Sauber engineer just 30 minutes before his F1 debut in 2001, and he reluctantly woke up to go in his vehicle, finish sixth, and score points on his debut.

Raikkonen also missed a presentation by football star Pele at the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle, a pundit, enquired, “Why?”

The Finn said quickly and matter-of-factly, “I was having a s***.”

Six years later, his race engineer warned him during a race that he would be routinely updated of Fernando Alonso’s pace because the Spaniard was only five seconds behind him.

Raikkonen yelled over the team radio, “Just leave me alone, I know what I’m doing.” It was a moment that drew a lot of media attention and even led to the creation of t-shirts with the statement imprinted across them.

Kimi’s clear distaste for politics in his sport (“Driving is the only thing I enjoy about F1”), and his. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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