The fundamental difference between Michael Schumacher’s career and Lewis Hamilton’s is his ‘battle’ at Mercedes.


The fundamental difference between Michael Schumacher’s career and Lewis Hamilton’s is his ‘battle’ at Mercedes.

Hamilton has matched Schumacher’s seven F1 world championship triumphs and outperformed him in terms of race wins and podium finishes.

Damon Hill, a British Formula One icon, has identified the essential difference that has enabled Lewis Hamilton to match – and eventually surpass – Michael Schumacher’s exploits in the sport. After 91 race wins and seven world titles, the German was widely regarded as the unquestioned greatest of all time, but one of those marks has been exceeded by Mercedes ace Hamilton, and the other could fall by the conclusion of this season.

Schumacher’s 155 podiums and 91 victories were well in excess of everyone who had gone before him, and many believed it would be a long time before anyone could match those records.

However, by the time he stopped for good, the man who did surpass the German’s stats had already been racing in the sport for five years.

Hamilton had already won the world championship with McLaren, but it was when he took over from Schumacher at Mercedes for the 2013 season that he truly found his stride.

Six more championships followed, bringing his total to eight, with an eighth title awaiting him at the end of the current season if he can hold off Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

With a total of 100 race victories and 176 podium finishes, it’s simple to see why Hamilton is now a contender for the GOAT title.

Hill praised the pair’s ability to regularly provide points and race wins over a lengthy period of time on the F1 Nation podcast, noting that this is what sets them apart from other drivers.

The difference between Hamilton and Schumacher, according to the 1996 world champion, is Hamilton’s ability to turn off from racing and concentrate on other aspects of his life.

“It’s the consistency with which they perform,” Hill explained.

“What’s impressive about them is their capacity to maintain delivering that over time.”

“What Lewis has done is created a space for himself where he can move away from Formula 1, because if it’s all about Formula 1, you can burn out, and he doesn’t appear to be burned out.” He appears to be as young as a daisy.

“There were,” says the narrator of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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