The first flurries are predicted to fall on this date, according to the UK weather forecast.


The first flurries are predicted to fall on this date, according to the UK weather forecast.

Multiple experts anticipate that the UK will enter a cold and snowy period next week, with highs of 20°C last weekend dropping to -3°C by the following weekend.

Snow will fall in Britain for the first time this autumn, according to forecasters, and it will arrive sooner than many people imagined.

According to WXCharts, we could see snow on the ground as early as next Thursday (October 21) due to arctic weather moving from the north and replacing the current warmer air.

That evening, up to 1.5 cm of snow is forecast to fall in the Highlands of northern Scotland, implying that a covering might begin the next day.

Depending on the amount of snowfall and how much settles, this level could rise another 1cm over night.

Temperatures in other parts of the UK are projected to drop to a bone-chilling -3C by the end of next week.

The Met Office predicts “a period of unsettled weather” to begin on Monday, with snow in some areas and rain and strong winds in others.

The Weather Outlook’s director and forecaster, Brian Gaze, has also warned of “nighttime frosts” before the end of October.

Do you anticipate the arrival of snow? Please let us know in the comments section below! “By the end of the month, some computer models suggest that high pressure will be centered to the north or west of the UK,” he said.

“If this occurs, the likelihood of colder weather increasing, with the risk of widespread midnight frosts increasing.

“Over high ground in the northern half of the UK, sleet or snow showers are possible.”

The chance of a ‘White Halloween,’ a rare occurrence in which snow falls on the mainland British Isles on October 31, has been raised by the snowy forecast.

Snowfall on December 25 for the customary “White Christmas” betting market, on the other hand, will have to wait until the end of November.

This is due to the fact that bookmakers typically wait for the Met Office’s long-term prognosis before launching the market.

Snow on higher ground is also expected this time of year, according to the national weather service.

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