The ‘feisty’ George Russell is likely to cause ‘friction’ with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.


The ‘feisty’ George Russell is likely to cause ‘friction’ with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.

According to Martin Brundle of Sky Sports F1, Russell and Hamilton are set to collide at Mercedes.

According to Martin Brundle, a former Formula One driver and current Sky Sports commentator, George Russell will cause “friction” with Lewis Hamilton if he is picked to be his teammate in 2022. While current Silver Arrows driver Valtteri Bottas has shown to be a team player, Brundle believes Russell’s talent and “feisty” personality would upset Mercedes’ apple cart.

Hamilton has raced with the Finn for four and a half years, winning the world championship in each of those years, and is presently leading the pack this season, albeit by only three points over title contender Max Verstappen.

Bottas is the best teammate he’s ever had, and the seven-time world champion has voiced a wish for their collaboration to continue, no doubt with a portion of his mind still remembering what it was like to lose the championship to colleague Nico Rosberg in 2016.

During that tight 2007 season, there was friction between the Mercedes duo, and Hamilton also had a tense relationship with Fernando Alonso at McLaren.

Brundle suggested on Sky that if Russell were to race with the same squad as Hamilton, a similar situation could arise.

“Looking ahead, two or three years flies by in anyone’s life, but in Formula One, it’ll be Max Verstappen versus Charles Leclerc versus Lando Norris — you need one of the young guns established in your team helping to lead in the new direction,” he remarked.

“If you’re going to make a case for George, he’ll walk in there and there’ll be tension between him and Lewis, no doubt about it, because George is fiery and he’d want to show himself right away, get his elbows out.

“Mercedes needs to think about two or three years down the line, and these decisions are made with that timeframe in mind.

“They need a driver who can win the race if Lewis is unable to do so, and they have the fastest car.”

Russell, on the other hand, has previously stated that he will always prioritize the team’s interests over his own.

“My aspirations and goals are quite clear, and I want to win the Formula One World Championship,” he says, “but I would never put myself in that position.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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