The family of 13 is afraid of becoming homeless after the city ordered them to vacate their eight-bedroom rental.


The family of 13 is afraid of becoming homeless after the council ordered them to vacate their eight-bedroom rental.

Clifford Westfall and Clair Patterson’s family have been renting in Bradford for two years, but they may end up in a hostel after their landlord’s extension violated planning regulations.

After being threatened with eviction by the local council, a family of 13 is living in fear of becoming homeless.

Clifford Westfall and Clair Patterson have lived in an eight-bedroom house with their nine children in Bradford, Yorkshire, for the past two years.

Clifford’s brother and Clair’s brother, both in need of assistance, also live with the couple.

However, Bradford Council has ordered them to vacate the premises by January 26.

The landlord’s addition to the property is in violation of the building code.

The construction exceeded the agreed-upon dimensions, and the house is now considered to be too tall.

The council obtained a compulsory purchase order after three separate retrospective planning applications and an appeal to the government’s planning inspector all failed.

Clifford and Clair said they asked the council for assistance in finding a new place to live after being told they had to leave because they couldn’t find anything suitable.

Clifford told YorkshireLive that “there is nothing on the market for a family our size.”

“A few years ago, we lived in a three-bedroom house.

Even though it was small, we were overjoyed, but it wasn’t quite enough.

The couple pays £1,000 per month for a privately rented home in Green Head Road and is desperate to stay in the area.

Their seven youngest children all attend school in nearby Keighley, and the family’s business, a toy store in the town center, is less than a mile away.

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“It would be physically impossible for me to get seven kids to four different schools and then get to work if we lived somewhere else,” Clair said.

“It’s not going to happen.”

Clifford and Clair claim their family has been told they will be placed in a hostel.

“When they said that, I thought to myself, ‘Is that for real?'” Clifford explained.

“What’s a foot or two feet compared to displacing a family?”

“We’d [leave Keighley]if we had to.”

But a hostel? No way.

“It’s not going to work,” says the narrator.

The couple has only one child together, but they share custody of their eight children from previous marriages.

The youngest is two years old, while the oldest is eight years old.

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