The FA issues a statement in response to racial abuse directed at England players by Hungarian fans, and confirms FIFA’s request.


The FA issues a statement in response to racial abuse directed at England players by Hungarian fans, and confirms FIFA’s request.

On Thursday night, Hungary fans are claimed to have racially assaulted England players.

In reaction to accusations that England players were subjected to racial abuse while playing against Hungary, the Football Association has issued a statement saying that they would request that FIFA begin an investigation into the situation.

ITV’s Gabriel Clarke reported that monkey chants targeted striker Raheem Sterling and substitute Jude Bellingham during England’s 4-0 thumping of Hungary at the Puskas Arena in Budapest on Thursday night.

The gestures were “loud and visual,” according to Clarke, who was stationed behind the goal where the Three Lions scored all four of their second-half goals.

“It is incredibly disheartening to hear claims of discriminatory conduct against some of our England players,” the FA responded.

“We will request that FIFA investigate the situation. We will continue to support the players and staff in their efforts to raise awareness of and combat discrimination in all forms.”

Both England manager Gareth Southgate and captain Harry Kane have called on the sport’s world governing bodies to punish the guilty Hungarian fans.

Following incidents of racist and homophobic abuse, UEFA has ordered Hungary to play three games behind closed doors, with one game being suspended for two years.

However, the penalty did not apply to Thursday night’s World Cup qualifier, with the match falling under FIFA’s authority instead, a decision that will be closely scrutinized in light of the events that followed.

When asked about the racial chants, Kane said, “I didn’t hear that.” I’ll check with the lads to see if they heard anything.

“As the laws allow, we’ll have to submit it to UEFA. If that’s the case, I’m hoping they come down hard.”

“I have heard reports of racism, and we were not aware of that throughout the game,” Southgate added.

“I’m not sure we were celebrating in front of their fans with the flare, but the racism is the most important aspect.

“On the bench, we weren’t really conscious of it. It appears that there have been some mishaps.

“Everyone knows what we stand for as a team, and that’s unacceptable.” UEFA is being informed of everything.

“We try to take the appropriate stand; we recognized that kneeling would elicit a negative reaction, and anything of that type is unacceptable.”

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