The doner kebab of Roy Keane, David Wheater’s KFC binge, and other celebrities who enjoy fast food


Premier League players now have personal chefs to help them eat only the best possible food, but stars of the past were able to indulge in plenty of McDonald’s and KFCs

Modern-day professional footballers have diets that contain only the healthiest food, to help to maintain the performance levels needed to compete in the Premier League.

Things have not always been that way though, even after the Arsene Wenger-led revolution that transformed English football after his appointment at Arsenal.

Doner kebabs, McDonald’s and KFC were all devoured by footballers starring in the top-flight before the present-day’s use of personal chefs and nutritionists.

Even Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys the taste of food that would not be considered the natural choices for top-level stars.

Here, Brinkwire Sport looks at players who have enjoyed fast food in their careers….

A seven-time Premier League winner with Manchester United, Roy Keane played at the highest level of football for a significant period of time.

But the Red Devils’ former captain was not always fueled by what would be considered to be healthy meals.

He revealed during Sky Sports’ Road to Wembley series that he once ate a doner kebab ahead of a cup match against Crystal Palace.

“I played a cup game before Crystal Palace at home, and three hours before the game I had a kebab,” Keane said.

“A doner kebab from the chipper. Three hours before the game. When you’re younger you get away with it, but obviously you pay for it later on.

“You think you’re getting away with it, having a bit of a laugh about it and being a jack the lad. In fairness, though, I did live by myself and I didn’t have any food in the house.”

Nemanja Vidic arrived in England from Spartak Moscow in 2006, with his move to Manchester United being the first time he played in the Premier League.

And to help him to settle in when he arrived in his new country, Vidic tried out one of the staple dishes of England – fish and chips.

“It’s important to learn about a new city, a new country, when you first arrive. And, for me, I remember when I first discovered fish and chips,” he said.

“When my friends came over, the first thing they said was ‘We want to see the pub, it’s traditional in England’. It’s the same with the fish and chips.

“I must admit I do like eating them. But obviously I can only have. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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