The controversial F1 defeat of Lewis Hamilton has been dubbed “bad for the sport.”


The controversial F1 defeat of Lewis Hamilton was dubbed “bad for the sport.”

According to Labour peer Lord Peter Hain, who claimed to This website that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was “rigged,” Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One world championship heartbreak “is bad for the sport.”

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his birthday despite the fact that his Formula One career remains in limbo.

He is one of the oldest drivers on the grid, having turned 37 today.

Lando Norris and Yuki Tsunoda, both 21 years old, are the youngest drivers on the grid, while Fernando Alonso, 39, is the oldest.

After their epic title fight, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo admitted this week that he is “envious” of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

“Of course, I’m envious,” he said in a postseason press conference.

“However, I’ve been envious for the past eight or nine years.”

It’s not groundbreaking, but the prospect excites me.

“I’m a fan, I’m a driver, but I’m still a fan of the sport,” says the driver.

It’s been fantastic, and despite my envy, it’s fantastic for F1 to have the battle.

“I can’t remember a year when two guys ran so many races together.

“It’s pretty awesome because I feel like 75 percent of the races went wheel to wheel at some point.”

After having the world championship snatched away from him in dramatic and contentious fashion on the final lap, Hamilton may not feel he is someone to admire.

Verstappen was able to pit for fresh soft tyres thanks to a late safety car, but race director Michael Masi’s decision to allow some lapped cars to overtake the safety car, giving the Dutchman a clear run to overtake the Briton, sparked controversy.

The outcome was bad for the sport, according to Labour peer Lord Peter Hain, who is also Vice-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Formula 1.

“That is bad for the sport,” he said.

It could be exciting as well as dramatic.

It may attract the audiences that Formula 1 seeks, but the sport’s credibility and integrity must be considered in the long run.

“I thought it was a perverted outcome as a lifelong Formula 1 fan.”

“The stewards effectively rigged the finish to produce a dramatic finale for the theater rather than a racing result.”

“Unless you, I believe it has left a sour taste.”

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