The Bucks’ star player is coached by the best to hit Olympic heights.


The paper explores the talents of the Tokyo hopeful, Jamie Copus, and how he can apply his skills to achieve his Olympic dream.

The Lacey Green rower, who trains at Henley Rowing Club, is trained by Copus, a lightweight double sculler who is a member of the Team GB Olympic squad.

O’Connor’s role model is British short course rowing record-holder Tom George, who made headlines last summer by breaking the British short course rowing record in his garage.

The former Royal Greenwich School student has yet to meet George Copus, but claims his friendship with the rowing-obsessed rower will motivate him to excel in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The 18-year-old, who is sponsored by a three-year relationship with Entain, owner of Ladbrokes and Coral, said, “We are working with the world’s best.”

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“Pitching In” on 23rd September, 2020 (9/23/2020)

“I know no one as knowledgeable about rowing as he is.” He has the greatest dedication to his sport of all, and is genuinely inspirational to us all.

“Having him will be a huge advantage, and he has been a great help. Being still quite young, he can empathize with all of us, and still understands what it’s like to be young and train twice a day while having other commitments.”

His genuine intuition is second to none. He is outstanding with all the specifics and understands the role of a boat.

He will have to qualify, but I think he will. He is going to be so fun to watch, and we will all be enjoying his races.

And Tom is an influential person for me. Ideally, I want to catch up with him in the rowing. But I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

“He’s a phenomenal athlete and to emulate him or even get close to him would be huge.”.

Entain’s relationship with SportsAid – introduced in 2019 and sponsored by Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson – is steering O’Connor toward stardom as he prepares to begin a scholarship at Princeton University in August.

The investment would make grassroots sports possible, and help in preparation, travel and equipment for O’Connor to make his dream of rowing at Princeton.

The Buckinghamshire star will be closely watching the Olympic Games this summer after finishing 13th in the single scull at the World Junior Championships held in Tokyo.

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“Pitching In” on 23rd September, 2020 (9/23/2020)

The hungry O’Connor is hoping Team GB will do much better, following in the footsteps of former Team GB Athlete Copus: “The Olympic Games will be extra special for me because the World Junior Championships were held on the track in Tokyo.”

I am looking forward to seeing Jamie performing in Great Britain, and how Britain does.

“Rowing isn’t like soccer because there are no international championships and medals are not really that important. Everyone knows it’s all about the Olympics.”

“It would mean the world to go to the Olympics.” “Everyone hopes to be in the Olympics.”

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