The bride has refused to allow her sister to the wedding because she refused to buy a £3,500 computer as a gift.


The bride has refused to allow her sister to the wedding because she refused to buy a £3,500 computer as a gift.

After being told she couldn’t attend her sibling’s wedding unless she was willing to buy her a $4,900 gaming machine as a wedding present, a lady took to Reddit to vent.

Weddings may be costly, especially if you go for a traditional ceremony and reception, so it’s nice to be able to recoup some of your costs through gifts.

While many brides and grooms prefer cash or gifts from their registry, it is proper etiquette to be cordial and grateful for all wedding gifts.

After all, everyone’s finances are different, and attending a wedding can be expensive enough as it is.

Unfortunately, not every couple appreciates what they have been given.

An anonymous woman claimed on Reddit that her sister and brother-in-law demanded that she spend $4,900 (£3,580) on a gaming PC as a wedding gift for them.

“About three weeks ago, she texted my husband and me a link to this gift she wanted us to buy for her,” she wrote.

“It was a very, very expensive and unusual wedding gift.” But she stated that this was the item she wanted us to purchase for her.” In an attempt to get out of the issue, the woman’s husband informed her sister that they would “keep it in mind” while choosing a gift.

“He told her it was quite expensive,” the sister explained, “and we might be able to find something similar for them.” No, she said again, she didn’t want that.

“She said we had to bring a gift, and this is what she’ll take from us.”

Before her sibling decided to take a stand, the bride-to-be emailed links to three PCs with identical prices.

The woman informed the bride that if the computer was more essential than their attendance, she would not attend the wedding.

Sadly, this backfired, as her sister subsequently refused to invite her to the wedding and referred to her as a “sh**y sister,” according to the Sun.

“My parents can’t believe we’re not going,” the poster continued. They told I should still show up and bring whatever gift we want because my sister is simply being a brat.” She polled her followers on social media to see what they thought she should do.

“Skip the wedding or show up with a toaster,” one person said.

“I would advise a cut glass divided relish bowl,” a second said, laughing. They’re seldom ever used.

“They’re really old and hard to store, and my sister got seven at her wedding and never used one.”

“Also, the pettiness is just pretty enough.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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