The 2022 duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was discussed with F1 CEO, who expects change.


The 2022 duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was discussed with F1 CEO Martin Whitmarsh, who expects change.

The rest of the field will be much closer to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen next season, according to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

According to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will not have such a large gap between themselves and the rest of the field next season. The pair dominated the 2021 season, finishing over 160 points ahead of Valterri Bottas in third.

While Domenicali expects another titanic battle between the two drivers this year, he also expects the rest of the field to be much closer to the British and Dutch drivers.

This is likely, as new rules and regulations will make the teams more competitive in 2022.

“Of course, I hope the duel will continue,” Domenicali said in an interview with

“I don’t believe we’ll see an extremely close field from the start of the race.”

However, given the constraints on car development and the budget’s upper limit, the gap should close faster.”

Next year, all teams will have to adjust to a new set of rules, with a new breed of F1 cars set to debut to the public when pre-season testing begins next month.

The new rules are intended to reduce aerodynamic downforce on cars in order to reduce the effect of dirty air and promote closer racing.

With the widespread nature of the regulation changes potentially able to shake up the grid next year, Red Bull and Mercedes will be desperate to avoid slipping down the pecking order.

The top-body aerodynamics will be significantly simplified under the 2022 regulations.

That means less downforce from the front and rear wings, which are tightly controlled to eliminate the outwash aerodynamics that have exacerbated F1’s turbulence issues over the last decade or so.

The aerodynamic phenomenon known as “ground effect” will help to reduce the “catastrophic downforce loss” in order to enable better racing and eliminate the possibility of dirty air having an impact on overtaking.

“The cars should allow the drivers to drive closer to one another, allowing them to duel more intensely,” he added.

“If you ask me if we’ll see a very close field from the first race on, I don’t believe so.

“However, the time has come.”

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