Team GB wins gold in a horror event, which has been described as a “real life nightmare” by a German Olympic star.


Team GB wins gold in a horror event, which has been described as a “real life nightmare” by a German Olympic star.

Annika Schleu, a German pentathlete, was in tears during the Modern Pentathlon final this morning after her horse refused to leap in the showjumping round.

Annika Schleu of Germany broke down in tears this morning during the modern pentathlon’s penultimate event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As her horse Saint Boy refused to jump on the course, Schleu battled to fight back tears. Prior to the penultimate event, the German pentathlete was in first place and in a strong position to win a gold medal.

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Schleu, on the other hand, dropped from first to 31st place as a result of his poor performance.

Saint Boy was hesitant to begin and refused to cross many fences, leaving Schleu in tears even before her race began.

When the ride began to come apart in heartbreaking broadcast scenes, she was unable to contain herself.

Showjumping is the discipline’s second-to-last event, with a big number of points on the line.

Before the showjump, pentathletes are allocated horses at random, allowing little opportunity for the riders and animals to bond.

“She needs to compose herself right now,” the BBC analyst remarked. This is a race for a gold medal at the Olympics.

“Annika Schleu’s world is crumbling. This is heartbreaking to watch.

“The German coaches are watching the points vanish and the German dream vanish.

“This is a nightmare come true. I believe she understands that all hopes have been dashed.

“She has squandered her chances of winning an Olympic medal.

“It’s difficult to watch, and it’s difficult to comment on.

“Her expression says it all. The audience is unsure of how to react. It’s a heartbreaker.”

Schleu was projected to win the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after finishing fourth in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

“That was painful to watch,” claimed one Twitter user. In the modern pentathlon, Annika Schleu of Germany suffered a crushing defeat.

“I was leading the competition going into the showjumping round, but my horse wouldn’t jump.”

“Watching Annika Schleu’s grief is one of the cruelest things I’ve ever witnessed in sport,” another remarked. The position of gold medalist has dropped to 31st.”

Following Schleu’s effort, Kate French of Team GB took the lead. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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