Talking points in the Premier League: Pogba’s Ronaldo benefit, Lukaku’s belief, and City’s need for Kane.


Talking points in the Premier League: Pogba’s Ronaldo benefit, Lukaku’s belief, and City’s need for Kane.

Express Sport correspondent Matthew Dunn looks back at the talking points from the weekend’s Premier League matches as the league heads into an international break.

Although the two sides of north London may disagree, the table appears to be shaping up, and with the window open for less than 48 hours, Matthew Dunn has found a few holes that need to be filled based on the first exchanges.

MANCHESTER UNITED’S victory was determined by THAT tackle, but given their recent transfer activity, is this the last weekend where Paul Pogba is the focus?

Cristiano Ronaldo will be raring to go back on the pitch after the international break, and he will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention.

But that could just be Pogba’s maturation process at work.

Rather than attracting attention for mistiming his control and lunging after the ball, he might prefer to scrap for it with one of the game’s true worldwide superstars.

With Ronaldo’s arrival, United may be able to appeal to the vanity of a player who may be the driving force behind a title challenge rather than a melancholy reflection of what could have been most weeks.

For the law to operate as a deterrent, HANDBALL ON THE LINE must remain a punishable offense, and the fact that Reece James was an unlucky victim of harsh justice is no justification to modify it.

The most important takeaway from his red card is what happened afterwards, which was eerily similar to what happened 12 months ago at Stamford Bridge when Frank Lampard’s Chelsea were down to ten men against Liverpool.

A really unique situation After Andreas Christensen’s dismissal, Sadio Mane swiftly scored two goals, and you can’t help but believe that, even with Diogo Jota on board, Liverpool’s strike force has the same irrepressibility that used to tear through 10-man defences.

At the same time, Chelsea’s determination to hold on in front of a raucous Anfield crowd demonstrated how far they’ve gone in terms of faith, and they can be pleased with where they are now.

There is still a long way to go, but Thomas Tuchel has delivered the first psychological blow in the first match between serious title contenders.

Manchester City has been connected with Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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