Student, 21, goes missing while attempting to hide the final clue in a treasure hunt he has been working on for years.


Student, 21, goes missing while attempting to hide the final clue in a treasure hunt he has been working on for years.

Hunter Lewis, a puzzle-loving man, set out in a canoe from a beach in California on December 30 – and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Since then, the canoe has been found destroyed and washed up on the beach.

A young student has vanished while completing the final piece of a treasure hunt he spent two years creating for his family and friends, and his family is now using the same treasure hunt to locate him.

Hunter Lewis, 21, left Trinidad Beach in Humboldt County, California, in a canoe on December 30 and has not been seen or heard from since.

According to local media, the aerospace engineering student was attempting to hide one final piece of the puzzle in his elaborate treasure hunt when he vanished.

Hunter’s father, Corey Lewis, told the publication that his son was likely heading to Flatiron Rock, a small island several hundred yards offshore, but that he hit a rocky reef in the dangerous waters off the coast.

According to Mr Lewis, the family is now using the treasure hunt clues to locate Hunter.

“He’s that buried treasure,” his father explained.

“At this point, the operation is more of a recovery than a rescue.”

I just want to find my son so I can bury him with his mother.”

Hunter’s destroyed canoe washed up on the beach, along with a wooden cigar box that was a gift from his father.

“I gave it to Hunter, and he kept his small treasures and belongings in it, and he had it with him and was hiding treasure in it,” Mr Lewis explained.

On a beach, we discovered it.”

Hunter’s bereaved parents are now hoping that a 3D-printed heart-shaped key, which was the last clue he left behind before vanishing, will aid in the search for the student’s body.

When held against the horizon from a particular location, the key was left with a note indicating that the treasure would be found “where his heart is.”

According to the New York Times, the teeth of the key are said to line up with the rocks surrounding Flatiron Rock, with the heart of the key encircling the island itself.

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Hunter is still missing, and the US Coast Guard has launched a rescue mission to find him.

Mr Lewis has a Facebook page dedicated to his son.

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