Stavros Flatley, a kid star on BGT, is unrecognizable 12 years later with a beard and tattoos.


Stavros Flatley, a kid star on BGT, is unrecognizable 12 years later with a beard and tattoos.

The famous duet of Stavros Flatley, who featured on the hit ITV show in 2009 and made it to the series final, will be remembered by most Britain’s Got Talent fans – but where are they now?

Stavros Flatley and his father, Stavros Flatley, from Britain’s Got Talent, have not been forgotten through the years, as the fatherson combination still work together.

However, 12 years later, Demetrios Demetriou and his son Michalakis – nicknamed Lagi – still look different, especially son Lagi, who first appeared on the show when he was just 13 years old.

Lagi may be unrecognisable now that he’s 25, but he hasn’t forgotten about his role in Stavros Flatley.

Lagi now has a thick beard and numerous tattoos, including the ever-present map of Cyrpus, which served as a trademark for his father when they first performed.

Both Demetrios and Lagi have tattoos relating to Cyprus as part of their stunning show, but Lagi has come a long way since his debut.

Lagi has a trim figure in addition to a beard and tattoos, with the dancer displaying his fitness routines through his profile.

It’s a far cry from his first album, released in 2009.

Lagi, who, understandably, had no tattoos on his skin due to his age, took to the stage wearing a blonde wig and his father’s art.

Lagi has ink of his father from their appearance on Britain’s Got Talent on him as a memento of their successful run.

While he appears to have changed, it appears that the act hasn’t been put on hold, as Lagi has shared many images on Instagram of himself and his father showing off their tats and clips of them.

People will regularly approach him and urge him to “perform the dance” when he goes out to dinner, he has joked.

On his profile, Lagi has information on inquiries for the dancing couple, and he confirmed that they are currently accepting bookings.

Lagi’s personal life has also reached new heights, with the dancer proposing to his long-term girlfriend earlier this year.

The soon-to-be husband and wife have also revealed that they are expecting a child together.

After they posted a video to announce their happy life update, fans and friends swamped them with words of congratulations.

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