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Spurs boss Jose Mourinho explains why he has not taken a winter break after scouting RB Leipzig

Jose Mourinho has explained why he has decided against taking a winter break after being spotted at RB Leipzig against Bayern Munich.

The Premier League have enforced a split winter break for their sides, which means Mourinho’s Spurs will have had 11 days without a game when they face Aston Villa on Sunday.

But the 57-year-old was clearly not bothered about having time off himself after going on a personal scouting mission ahead of Spurs’ Champions League game with Leipzig next week. 

The Portuguese manager told Sky Sports: ‘The players needed some days off. For their body and soul they needed a rest. But not for me.

‘I think the best way to try and help the team is to work.’

Mourinho also explained why he decided to travel over to Munich to watch the game, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

He said: ‘It’s very important. I can see small details. Even the warm-ups. I can see what TV and video don’t give me. 

‘To see the warm-ups and to see what the players do individually.

‘Some skills that sometimes during the game are hidden. It’s a different intensity. It’s a different experience. I couldn’t miss the opportunity.’

Mourinho and Spurs were in good form ahead of the winter break, winning their last two Premier League games to close the gap to Chelsea in fourth. 


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