Sir Alex Ferguson “watches Loose Women,” with the Manchester United legend interested in the debates.


Sir Alex Ferguson “watches Loose Women,” with the Manchester United legend fascinated by the debates.

Sir Alex Ferguson retired from Manchester United in 2013, and Manchester United fan Eamonn Holmes has revealed that the legendary manager now watches Ruth Langsford and her co-stars on Loose Women on a regular basis.

Loose Women has a fan in football legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

To his friend Eamonn Holmes, whose wife Ruth Langsford is a regular guest, the former Manchester United manager would wax lyrical about the noontime ITV panel show.

“He is very much a family man and he has always included Ruth in everything that has involved me,” Eamonn, 62, said.

“And he’d have a vivid recollection of the debate, as he’d say, ‘Did you hear what she said the other day?’ And he’d go on for an hour about it.”

Eamonn praised the most successful football manager ever for his kindness as well as his brainpower in his new book Sir Alex: Simply The Best, which pays tribute to him as he turns 80.

“When you get to know the real Sir Alex, you realize he is actually quite ‘normal,” he said.

“Of course, many people see him in one light because he remembers if you’ve been good to him and if you haven’t.

“However, he made me think of my father.”

He was always concerned about other people’s well-being.

That’s how I want to be, too.

“When you know him as well as I do, you appreciate his incredible thoughtfulness and kindness, as well as his computer-like brain.

“He can tell you exactly what happened to him in every game he played, including who passed the ball to whom and what happened next.”

He’d love to tell you everything.”


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