Shopping might earn Britons ‘hundreds of pounds a year,’ but there are ‘things to be careful of.’


Shopping might earn Britons ‘hundreds of pounds a year,’ but there are ‘things to be careful of.’

SAVING MONEY is something that many people desire, but few are aware of where they might save money at the end of the month.

The Curious Cat App was created in 2017 to assist businesses in engaging with their customers, collecting survey responses, and rewarding those who do so.

This website was founded by self-described “cat-loving tech mavericks” who offered their money-saving recommendations.

“A simple approach to cut your membership fees is to split them with friends or family members, with whom you can set up a joint account to spread the costs around.

“If you move from basic to premium Netflix and share the cost with three others, your monthly Netflix cost may drop from £5.99 to under £3.50, allowing you to all watch anything at the same time while also improving the video quality and definition.

“Switching to a Spotify family account is also a wonderful way to save money on your subscriptions, since it may save you up to £7.50 per month over a typical premium account.

Small everyday expenses can easily pile up at the end of the month, but designating one ‘no-spend’ day per month allows you to save the money that would have been spent.

“These days may necessitate some forethought, such as ensuring that your grocery store is not open on this day, and while costs such as travel costs are unavoidable, they can be minimized when feasible by walking or cycling.”

“Cashback services allow you to generate money by rewarding you for utilizing their platforms to make purchases from retailers rather than paying directly on the retailer’s website.

“You can make hundreds of dollars a year doing this if you use it effectively and make the right choices.

“There are a few things to keep in mind, such as avoiding cashback sites that charge a sign-up fee and withdrawing as soon as you reach the threshold, just in case the cashback site goes out of business or changes its policies.”

“Starting to invest in stocks and shares is never too late, and you can always utilize your ISA allowance to do so by investing in stocks and shares ISAs.

“An ISA allowance is the maximum amount of money you may put into an ISA each tax year without paying tax on any earnings, so it’s definitely something to be.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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