Shirley Ballas defends ‘all over the place’ scoring after anger from viewers on Strictly Come Dancing.


Shirley Ballas defends ‘all over the place’ scoring after anger from viewers on Strictly Come Dancing.

Shirley Ballas, a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, appeared on This Morning on Thursday, telling Holly and Phil that the’standard is greater’ this year.

As she explained her high marks, Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas claimed this year’s’standard is higher than normal.’

On Thursday, the 61-year-old dancing fanatic was interviewed by show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning.

Shirley stated that “the standard is higher” this year, when asked about the Strictly series, which saw a ten delivered in week three.

Phil enquired: “This year, you’re not being particularly generous. Is it because the standard is higher than average?” She responded, ” “The bar has been raised, and I believe I must score in accordance with what I perceive.

“So, if it merits a 10, I’m going to give it to it.

“Next week it could be a three or a two, and people will say, ‘ah, the scores are all over the place,’ but you have to note what you see at the time.”

Shirley’s remarks come after Rhys Stephenson won the first 10 episodes of the series during the movie week special on Saturday night.

The CBBC host and his professional partner Nancy Xu dazzled with a Spider-Man routine that Craig Revel Horwood described as “professional grade.”

Shirley also talked about the harassment she gets after voting in the dance-offs during her appearance on This Morning.

She said, ” “I’m a’men hater’ if I send a man home.

“It’s because I’m ‘old and unattractive and wish to send a pretty young girl home’ if I send a woman home. That has nothing to do with it.” “So you get trolled?” says the narrator. Phil was the one who inquired.

Shirley responded, ” “Oh, it happens to me all the time.

“I do that all the time, but at the end of the day, my job is to mark exactly what I see at that moment, and I do it so I can sleep at night, and I’m proud of it.”

ITV’s This Morning airs weekdays, while BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing airs weekends.

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