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Serie B goalkeeper says players should not be expected to give up wages like Cristiano Ronaldo

Serie B goalkeeper Alberto Paleari says footballers cannot be expected to give up their wages like Cristiano Ronaldo, because unlike them he will not struggle financially.

Italy has now suffered the most deaths of any country from the global coronavirus pandemic and the indefinite suspension of sport in the country means several clubs are set to lose a huge proportion of revenue.

Juventus star Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes have donated over £1million to intensive care units in Portugal.

Some players may have to take a wage cut or even waive their salaries in the short-term to help their clubs avoid going under during the pandemic.

Roma’s players and staff agreed to give up a day’s pay, which was donated to hospitals to provide beds and ventilators for those affected by Covid-19.

But Paleari, who plays for Cittadella, has said people need to realise that not all footballers are in a position to lose a significant proportion of the money they earn.

‘If it was a question of delaying wages for a month and receiving a double payment at a later date, I would say yes without any hesitation,’ Paleari told Telechiara programme Strictly Cittadella.

‘But if it were a question of spreading my wages out for longer then in all honesty I would have to say no.

‘We are not like Ronaldo. If they take away two months of his wages then he would certainly not go into financial difficulty.

‘If they take the same away from us, our landlord will come and knock on our doors looking for the rent.

‘You can’t judge everyone with the same view, it’s two different situations.’ 

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