Sebastian Korda injures himself in the groin during hotel training – VIDEO


Sebastian Korda injures himself in the groin during hotel training – VIDEO

Sebastian Korda, an American tennis player, captured the amusing moment his hotel training went awry when he hit himself in the groin while batting balls against the wall.

Sebastian Korda was injured while training in his hotel room after arriving in Adelaide, Australia.

Mr Korda posted a video to his Twitter account updating his fans on his COVID-19 positive test, but after smashing several balls across the room, he managed to hit himself in the groin.

Fans were amused by the mishap, but Mr Korda was chastised for possibly annoying his neighbors with his training.

When Mr Korda arrived in Australia, he tested positive for Covid and was scheduled to play in Adelaide, but had to cancel.

“Landed in Adelaide and tested positive,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

Since testing positive, there have been no symptoms and two negative results.

“I’m following all of the local covid protocols and training in my room, but I still need to improve my ball control; thank you Tennis Australia for all of the equipment!”

Fans were giggling at the video, but Mr Korda was chastised for his loud training.

“Wouldn’t it be an amazing stay if you were in the adjoining room?” tweeted @Ronnierotten.

“It’s just something I’ve been thinking about…”

“As an Aussie, thank you for following the rules, and I hope Covid doesn’t affect your match fitness,” @Benwithnonnumber added.

Best of luck in the Open, and thanks for being such a good sport throughout it all!”

Several tennis stars have been detained due to Australia’s strict coronavirus rules, with Novak Djokovic being held in custody until his court challenge on Monday.

Mr Djokovic was denied entry to Australia on Wednesday after he “failed to provide appropriate evidence” of his coronavirus status, according to Australian Border Force.

The Serbian athlete claims he was granted a medical exemption to compete in the tournament and is appealing the decision to revoke his visa.

Tennis Australia and Victoria state organized two medical panels to grant him an exemption.

“Thank you to people all over the world for your continued support,” Mr Djokovic wrote on Instagram to his fans.

I can sense it, and it’s very much appreciated.”

After previously criticizing mandated vaccines, Mr Djokovic’s vaccination status has been called into question.

“My issue with vaccines is if someone is,” he explained.

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