Seann Walsh’s fling with Strictly Katya Jones – bitter splits, sex jokes, and a health battle


Seann Walsh’s fling with Katya Jones on Strictly Katya Jones – bitter breakups, sex jokes, and a health battle

In 2018, Katya Jones, a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, was paired with comedian Seann Walsh, and a kiss between the two quickly went viral after paparazzi caught them snogging outside a pub.

When the infamous ‘Strictly curse’ hit Katya Jones and Seann Walsh in full force in 2018, they made headlines.

For the 2018 series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, professional dancer Katya was paired with comedian Seann, and the two enjoyed spending time together so much that they went to the pub after a difficult dance rehearsal.

Following that, the two were photographed kissing on the street, which sparked a major media frenzy.

At the time, Katya and Seann were both dating.

Seann was dating actress Rebecca Humphries when Katya married her Strictly co-star and dance partner Neil Jones in 2013.

Following the incident, both separated from their respective partners, with rumors circulating that Katya and Neil have since divorced.

The kiss that rocked the Strictly studios and the legacy it left are discussed.

Though witnesses claimed they were “snogging like a pair of teenagers,” the kiss wasn’t the only sign that Seann and Katya had chemistry.

The pair was also said to have been caught kissing inside the pub several times before the cameras caught them.

“They were snogging like a pair of teenagers and didn’t seem to care who might see them,” a witness said as the pair left the Duke of York in Marylebone.

“Seann and Katya hit it off from day one,” an insider claimed, adding, “Seann and Katya hit it off from day one.”

They are constantly giggling and joking around, and they are extremely tactile with one another.

“The cast and crew have taken notice, but no one expected this.

It’ll cause major squabbles backstage, not least because Katya and Neil have to work alongside each other on a weekly basis.”

They appeared to be a “normal couple,” according to a regular, because they were “really comfortable with each other” and came in every night that week.

Seann was dumped in a spectacularly public manner by his girlfriend Rebecca just days after news of the kiss surfaced.

“Hello there, My name is Rebecca Humphries, and I am not a victim,” the actress wrote in a public statement.

“I was undecided about how I should react to past events.

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