Scott Cummings is optimistic that after signing his new deal, Glasgow will return to old form.


Glasgow is optimistic that SCOTT Cummings will overcome their temporary dip in shape and compete for trophies again. Having signed a “multi-year contract” with the Warriors, the 24-year-old insisted that the squad’s talent and the ambition of the club were among the factors that convinced him to remain.

Cummings said, “If I didn’t feel the club had the ambition to try and be competitive and win trophies, I probably wouldn’t want to stay,” But it’s a club trying to move forward, and we want to be a club playing in Europe and strong in the league.

“Just because at the beginning of the season we had a little bit of a down time doesn’t mean we’re immediately on a downward slope and never going to win again. So I trust 100% that the team can still do really well.

“Asked what that belief gives him, he continued, “The players’ quality. What I see are guys who are willing to work hard and fight for the jersey every day, and represent it well. Yeah, things have not gone our way, even with a lot of new coaches, we are still on a learning curve and there are a lot of players who left us at the end of last season, but things are improving.

“I believe in the team and I believe in the club. And that’s about it.”

At the end of a really rough few months, this show of faith from one of their main players is a great moral boost for Glasgow. With just two wins from seven games, Glasgow’s form in the PRO14 was bad enough, but then came the 42-0 loss to Exeter Chiefs in the only Champions Cup pool game they have played so far. Then two Covid compulsory retirements arrived, not to mention the news that at the end of the season, stand-off Adam Hastings would leave Scotstoun for Gloucester.

At some point in his career, a move to England is a possibility Cummings will almost certainly consider. He has already established himself as Scotland’s first choice, less than a year and a half after making his Test match debut. For next year’s tour of South Africa, he has a strong chance of being included in the Lions’ squad and is likely to mature over the next few years into a world-class second-row player.

When asked if he could imagine moving to England or another country later in his career, that explains his guarded response. “Could be,” he said. I don’t know. Since I was young, playing for Glasgow has always been something I wanted to do, so it means a lot to me to be able to play for Glasgow. And just because we’ve had a couple of bad games doesn’t mean that I suddenly want to change something I’ve been dreaming of for years.

There is, of course, an urge to go to [England], to go to France, to go elsewhere. But I’m very glad, for now, that I signed here.

It’s nice for me to sign a long-term deal. It wasn’t really a tough decision. I was born in Glasgow, grew up here, and supported the club for years before I ever started playing, so representing Glasgow means a lot to me and it’s a wonderful thing for me to continue doing that.

“The process was pretty quick. Right from the outset, I told my agent I wanted to stay, and it just went from there. He spoke to the club and they wanted me to stay and we sorted it all out. For the next few years, I’m just pleased to be able to play for the club I love.

“Scott is a good athlete and someone with a fantastic rugby brain,”Scott is a good athlete and someone with a fantastic rugby brain,”We are delighted that he has decided to extend his contract with us.”We are pleased that he has decided to extend his contract with us.


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