Scott Brown calls for unity and states that behind Neil Lennon, all Celtic players are behind


Scott Brown is anathema to the notion that Celtic’s players are not completely behind coach Neil Lennon and thus not giving their all on the pitch. The Celtic Captain refuses the idea out of hand.

Instead, Brown says the Celtic team is unified in its determination to safeguard the role of Lennon by bringing the season back on track and achieving the sort of achievement that has become the tradition for the club over the past nine seasons.

Brown said, “Everybody plays for the manager,”

Since he was amazing, we have to do that for the manager. He’s had a successful career here, he’s had great success the first time as manager, and so far he’s had great success the second time.

We need to work to make sure that we tick those boxes and keep making history.

There are a nice bunch of guys here, but we have to start talking on the field.

“We’re all together, I guess. We’re 100% behind the boss, and I think that the fans are really behind us.

That last statement may be one area of the Brown claim that is on shaky ground, as the “Green Brigade” protest calling for Lennon’s dismissal yesterday hardly implies that when it comes to their boss, everybody in the Celtic family is currently signing from the same hymn sheet.

When I talk to a lot of fans who are out, they’re all behind us,” Brown said, “I think everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Those are the fans we have to aspire to please, continue to play for, continue to go out there and work incredibly hard for.

Everyone has an opinion on Twitter or on banners that they can share. When you lose a few points, social media is highly harmful to teams these days.

We need to be bigger, stronger and concentrate on ourselves. We’re not concerned about what’s going on outside, we’re just working hard on the pitch.

“The Celtic club is huge. We hope that we will be successful. On the pitch, we have to make sure we do that.

At the moment, everyone tries to bring us down. But the boys hold together.

A lot of difficult times have happened, but also a lot of wonderful times. We’re trying to get back really quickly to those wonderful days.

We are all strong enough to deal with the scrutiny that comes with football.

“It isn’t always going to be simple and sweet. The ups and downs will be there. We will only concentrate on ourselves.

“Our fans have been fantastic in the 14 years I’ve been here. I’m sure they’ll support us once we get them back [to the stadium].”

The fact that Celtic will take its last chance in the Europa League tonight in Prague to avenge an emphatic loss at Celtic Park to Sparta, which has left their qualification hopes hanging by a thread, is somewhat lost in all the hoopla over the manager’s role.

With a minor knee issue, Leigh Griffiths will miss out, but after a back injury, Christopher Jullien may be able to return. Brown needs all the Celtic players on the pitch tonight to ensure that the slim chances of advancing in the competition are maintained by both pride and his side.

“We need a good performance and also three points,” he said.

It’s important for us to stay together, work hard, and get the outcome we want.

“In order to keep our hopes alive in this community, we need to go there and make sure we get a win.

Since they’ve performed really well here, it’s going to be incredibly difficult. We have to make sure we concentrate on our game there and put in a very good show.

We need to make sure that we manage to prove the doubters wrong. We have to keep coming back. We’ve done it before, we’ve had nine great seasons and we’re still in the final of the Scottish Cup.

“We just need to make sure we focus on the Europa League now as well – and we need to start winning games.”


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