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Sausage maker dress goalkeeper as giant cheese grater to fight prostate cancer

GOALIE Johnny Coombs is shredding this season — but it’s all for the grater good.

His non-league side Bedale AFC are wearing kit sponsored by sausage maker Heck Food, which is raising cash to fight prostate cancer.

The firm will be dressing Johnny, 39, as a giant cheese grater to promote its new range of “Veg with Edge” bangers.

His team-mates will wear a carrot-print kit.

The North Yorks team wore a sausage kit in 2017 voted worst ever by fans.

In 2018 it was hot dogs and 2019 it was bangers and mash.

Heck’s co-founder Andrew Keeble said: “We’ve had some fun along the way.

“What started as an innocuous sausage kit a few years ago has snowballed into this massive, almost unstoppable force that shows no sign of letting up.

“Every time we think that’s it, we get another idea for a new kit and away we go again.

“However, there is a very serious side to all of this because Heck and Bedale AFC continue to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.”

The disease kills 11,000 men a year, one every 45 minutes.

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