Sarah Jayne Dunn of Hollyoaks flaunts her long legs in a revealing minidress next to a witty sign.


Sarah Jayne Dunn of Hollyoaks flaunts her long legs in a revealing minidress next to a cheeky sign.

She stood next to a tongue-in-cheek sign that read “sometimes you have to get your halo dirty” in a photo she shared with her social media fans.

Sarah Jayne Dunn, who starred in Hollyoaks, has wowed her Instagram followers with yet another stunning photo showing off her toned and tanned legs.

She posed in a bold green strapless dress and shared the photo with her 222k Instagram followers.

Sarah accentuated her cleavage in the seriousalt daring snap, showcasing her long legs in the skimpy strapless ensemble.

“Sometimes you have to get your halo dirty,” the actress turned OnlyFans star joked.

“True *not a euphemism,” Sarah wrote in the caption.

Friends and supporters flocked to the comments section, with one saying, “‘Not a euphemism’ cracked me up.”

“It’s so lovely,” a third added.

Another wrote, “Yours is very dirty,” followed by a string of emojis.

This comes after the sacked Hollyoaks actress compared her banned OnlyFans content to Channel 4’s approved racy lads’ mags shoots.

The stunning 40-year-old, who played Mandy on the soap for 25 years, was fired after signing up for adult site OnlyFans, but claims the images are no more racy than those she previously posted.

Sarah Jayne’s latest revealing snaps compare a previous racy photo with a more recent one from her OnlyFans account, demonstrating the soap’s hypocrisy.

She added a caption to the picture.

“Just under four years apart, two nearly identical photos.”

The only difference between the snaps, Sarah Jayne explained on her Instagram account, is who was in charge creatively and financially.

“The first photo: Arranged for a national publication by someone else, style of shoot decided by someone else, any editing/photoshop done without my approval, copyright of image (of me) owned by someone else, exclusive interview as agreement of shoot, no financial benefit to myself,” Sarah Jayne said.

“The control, power, and decisions in the hands of someone else,” she continued, before addressing the alleged discrepancy in the production of the other photograph.

“The second photo was taken for my OnlyFans platform by me, I chose the image, no editing or photoshop was used, and I own the copyright to the image.”

Sarah Jayne poses in red lingerie for a magazine shoot several years ago.

For the, she’s seen in a similar pose.

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