Ryan Reynolds has a staggering net fortune as an actor, football club owner, and gin tycoon.


Ryan Reynolds is not only one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood – he’s also an an incredibly successful entrepreneur and football club owner. But how much is the star really worth?

Ryan Reynolds was the second-highest paid actor of 2020 — but not only that — he’s also made millions in business.

The Canadian actor launched his career with parts in The Odyssey, Two Guys and A Girl & A Pizza Place.

But he’s best known for being the face behind Deadpool.

Not only satisfied with being one of the world’s most famous actors, he’s also made moves in business.

The star is known as the owner of gin brand, Aviation American, which is worth a jaw-dropping $610 million (£443 million) according to Business Insider.

But what is Ryan Reynolds total net worth? We explore his massive bank balance…

As of 2021, Ryan Reynolds’ net worth is roughly £109 million, which went up £36 million since 2020.

This year, Reynolds is set to earn £15 million from upcoming Netflix film “Red Notice”, where he co-stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In 2018, the father of three raked in as much as £29 million with his superhero sequel, “Deadpool 2” becoming one of the highest grossing R-rated movies of all time.

The Vancouver actor also has an ownership stake in Mint Mobile, a wireless service provider, which is valued at £435 to £580 million. Reynolds currently has a 20 to 25 percent stake in the prepaid mobile company, which he’s also the face of.

After investing in the company two years, he told TechCrunch, “I’ve just sort of seen how most celebrities are doing very, very well.

“We’re generally hocking or getting behind or investing in luxury and aspirational items and projects,” explaining that he wanted to invest in something “hyper practical” instead.

Reynolds and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor Rob McElhenney also made a £1.5 million investment in Wrexham.

The A-list pair announced in November 2020 that they were buying the club, with a statement, “It is a special day for the two of us to become the latest stewards in the long and storied history of Wrexham AFC.”


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