Ryan Christie fends off allegations that Celtic players should not give their all to the club or Neil Lennon.


RYAN CHRISTIE has told Celtic fans that, despite their frustrating Betfred Cup exit against Ross County, the players are as hurt as they are.

Some fans have accused the players of Celtic of not giving their all to the cause or to Neil Lennon, the manager, of picking up just two wins from their last 10 matches, but Christie says that nothing could be further from the facts.

The attacker insists that the team was desperate for the fans and for manager Lennon to get a win, and he can’t understand why they failed to do so.

“I think the most important thing for everyone to know is that we’re still worried,” said Christie.

“When you have a losing streak like that, when every single person on the pitch today was desperate to get a result to put things right, people immediately say they don’t care about the club or they’re not doing their best.

That’s why when people say we don’t care or we don’t do our best, it’s so frustrating,”That’s why it’s so frustrating when people say we don’t care or we’re not doing our best,”

If they did not go into every single game with that mindset, nobody would be at this club or have made it this far in their professional career.

But it’s rough, it hurts us. It hurts us as much as it hurts them.

Sitting at home and watching us, the team they want to see winning every week, must be terrible for them.

It’s been almost fine for the last few years, and then, when a series like this comes along, it’s a real shock to the system.

We trained well yesterday at Lennoxtown, had a good meeting, and every single one of the guys, particularly myself, came out thinking that you want to do it for everyone in the club who works hard behind the scenes.

That’s what you want to do, to come here and win today. It’s for us, too, of course, but yesterday the manager made it clear.

“It sounds stupid to say this, but before the game I felt so confident. I felt like today was the day it would turn around.


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