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Russian powerlifter shows off scars from horror injury after breaking BOTH knees while trying to lift 400kg weight

RUSSIAN powerlifter Alexander Sedykh has revealed his gruesome injuries after breaking both knees at last week’s WRPF European Championships.

The record holder attempted to squat lift 400kg, or 62st, at the event.

But in a horrifying moment captured on video, the reigning champion’s knees buckled simultaneously as the strain became too much.

Sedykh was immediately rushed to hospital, after fracturing both knees in the horror incident.

And having begun his long road to recovery, he has taken to Instagram to show his injuries to his fans.

Alongside the images, which show the gruesome stitching on both his knees, he wrote: “Don’t look at the faint-hearted!

Then I’ll be taught how to walk again.

“Let today be the starting point for the world of recovery!

“After 10 days, the stitches will be removed, it will be a little easier.”

And the athlete also added an update on his route to recovery.

He said: “The main thing is that I must lie motionless in bed for two months.

“Then I’ll be taught how to walk again.

“It’ll take time to recuperate. I’ve had my quadriceps resewn and my knees put back together.”

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