Roy Keane rips Liverpool and explains why Jurgen Klopp’s touchline admonition went unheeded.


Roy Keane rips Liverpool and explains why Jurgen Klopp’s touchline admonition went unheeded.

Roy Keane has unleashed his fury on Liverpool.

Liverpool looked like a “lower league team” in the first half of their goalless draw with Manchester City at Anfield, according to former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane. Pep Guardiola’s team dominated possession and might have been in front if Alisson had not made some excellent saves.

Liverpool were stranded in front of their own fans and were fortunate to make it to half-time.

Jurgen Klopp attempted to rouse his soldiers by yelling from his technical box, but Keane explains why his orders were ignored.

“Jurgen Klopp appeared to be saying ‘be courageous’ from the bench, but it’s difficult to be brave when you don’t have the ball,” Keane told Sky Sports.

“However, I believe Liveprool are playing as if they’re out of their depth, as if they’re a lesser league team in the FA Cup against a great team, stepping back and not going close to people.”

“With the quality that Man City is displaying, Liverpool must be more aggressive.”

“People say it’s a lack of energy, but when a team like Man City dominates the ball, it appears as if you don’t have any because you can’t get near people.”

“Liverpool earned a corner when Kyle Walker gave away a cheap corner and they were up and running as if they had scored a goal, they need to generate something and if you’re not at the races just make a tackle, something, but they seem one short.”

When Phil Foden was sprinting at James Milner, who was on a booking, he was having a lot of fun along City’s left flank.

Jamie Carragher spearheaded the charge for Klopp to bring on his versatile midfielder at halftime.

“Yes, he does [need more assistance], I mean, it’s a major decision for Jurgen Klopp whether or not he changes him, he’s had the yellow card, which will be a problem for him,” Carragher added.

“He’s found it difficult, just as you would against Manchester City, and it demonstrates the gap between the Liverpool team and Man City’s. That’s the only position where Liverpool has no real support.”

“If Trent drops out, you’ve got a 35-year-old midfielder playing right-back, so it’s only showing today, but Man City have been magnificent.”

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