Roy Keane admitted that he ‘killed’ Veron’s Manchester United career by being too harsh on him.


Roy Keane admitted that he ‘killed’ Veron’s Manchester United career by being too harsh on him.

Juan Sebastian Veron, the most expensive player in Premier League history at the time, endured a tumultuous two years at Manchester United.

Juan Sebastian Veron is a player who divides Premier League supporters.

In the summer of 2001, the Argentine joined Manchester United for £28 million from Lazio, making him the most expensive footballer in English history at the time.

Veron was named Premier League Player of the Month in September after scoring three goals in four games during his first season at Old Trafford.

However, he would not reach those heights in a United shirt again, as the midfielder struggled to adapt to the Premier League before being sold to Chelsea.

Veron’s move to United is now regarded as one of the club’s biggest flops, but his struggles with the Red Devils may not have been entirely his fault.

Rio Ferdinand, who spent a year with Veron at United, believes he would have been a success if it hadn’t been for Roy Keane.

According to the former defender, Veron’s move failed due to Keane’s dominant personality and similar position.

Last year, Ferdinand said on Instagram, “The only thing I think killed him was Roy Keane was probably a bit more of a dominant personality and was picking the ball up in his positions.”

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“You have to remember that Veron came from Lazio and Parma, where he was the main man and through whom the entire game passed.”

Roy Keane came to United.

“Keane came in and took the ball away from the defenders, passed it to the midfielders and attackers, and got into positions, shouting ‘Yeah, give me the ball! Give me the ball!’

“And probably out of deference, Seba just said, ‘I’ll let Roy keep doing that.'”

Without Roy Keane, I honestly believe he would have thrived in a Man United shirt.

“His problem, I believe, was Roy Keane.”

And it wasn’t Roy Keane’s fault; his personality was simply larger and more overpowering.”

Keane has also admitted that he was too harsh on Veron and underestimated the difficulty of foreign players adjusting to the Premier League.

“Now that I think about it, I wish I had been a little more forgiving.”

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