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Roy Jones Jr reveals overcoming suicidal thoughts and being raised to be ‘a killer’ ahead of Mike Tyson fight

ROY JONES JR has revealed he overcame suicidal thoughts in his younger years ahead of a mouth-watering encounter with Mike Tyson.

The two heavyweight legends will clash in an exhibition on November 28.

Tyson, 54, apparently wanted to face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But after an incredible body transformation, he will take on 51-year-old Jones Jr instead.

Boxing fans can’t wait to see the pair in action.

And Tyson’s opponent Jones Jr admits he had to get past some tough mental blocks in his youth to become the man he is today.

Jones Jr told the Mail: “Yes it’s true. It was because of the pressure from my father.

“I thought if I got to take this, I’m gonna be dead, but then I talked to God.

“And I said, ‘Well, if I’m doing it, because this is how you want me to be, you want me to succeed at something, but it’s part of the process then I got to stay and keep up’.”

Jones Jr also insists he is now a “killer” and ready to do some damage, adding: “Nothing wrong with my father’s parenting skills, because my father wanted to prepare me to be the best at what I do.

“And to do that you have to separate parenting from… you had to bring me up as a killer at a certain age. 

“And guess what I’m a killer. Any rivals they got to go.

“And when you’re doing it, you create a competition, because everything you do is competition.”

Despite being billed as the underdog, Jones Jr is highly confident ahead of the bout, explaining: “Chances? I don’t have chances, I win. I ain’t winning, I ain’t going in there. 

“What are his chances? I don’t have chances, I go for the win.

“You make one mistake, you’e out for the night. You still gotta be careful, just because you’re speedy and fast.

“You have to be careful because you can run into something that makes it twice as devastating. How can you stop somebody from knocking somebody out?

“He (Tyson) had an exhibition in 2003, knocked the guy out in the first round. So how are you gonna stop him from knocking somebody out? That’s all he knows.”

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